Tips for Preparing Your Shellfish

The most important thing to remember when cooking your shellfish is not to overcook it. Take it off the heat a bit early because shellfish can and will keep cooking after you have removed it.

  • Always rinse your shellfish under cold water before cooking.
  • Do not use your microwave to defrost your shellfish. It will start to cook internally.
  • Raw Shrimp, still in their shell, are best boiled, steamed or stir fried. When cooked, the shrimp will turn pink and firm up. Shrimp cooks quickly. If you chose to steam or boil your shrimp you should put them in cold water once done to stop the cooking.
  • Hard shell seafood such as Mussels, Oysters and Clams still in the shell need to be firmly closed before cooking. Your shellfish, whether you steam, roast or grill will open. Take them out when they open and enjoy. If your mussels, clams or oysters don’t open when cooked immediately throw them away, you should not eat them.
  • Scallops are sweet and delicate. When cooked they turn opaque and get firmer. Cooking times vary by the size.