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Who we are

Port Royale Trading Company began as a trading company in the Caribbean after WWII.  Our founder, Robert Wellington Starr, wanted to do some trading of goods and sailed his ship into Port Royale in Jamaica. Mr. Starr loved the island of Jamaica and Port Royale Trading Company was born.

Modern Facilities

Port Royale Trading Company came to south Florida in 1949 and for 65 years has been a premier fish wholesaler offering a full line of seafood specializing in live, fresh, frozen, and smoked products. Today, Port Royale has a HAACP approved 15,000 sq. ft. facility that houses refrigeration, freezers, processing rooms, and dry dockage.

Continuing Education

Our management team is our key to success, as our managers have over a century of combined experience in all aspects of the seafood business. Our team studies the seafood market movements and the seasonal market availability of all species and then uses its extensive knowledge to globally source high quality products, in a competitive market at the best possible prices.

Direct Importers

Port Royale imports products directly from Scotland, New Zealand, South America, Australia, and the Mediterranean. We have cultivated and secured these relationships over many years so we can confidently bring to you, your kitchen, and your customers, superior quality. Port Royale believes in a healthy and sustainable seafood market. That’s why we proudly support the efforts of The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and the responsible sustainable farmers that promote superior quality.

We have a fleet of refrigerated trucks and drivers, and our local distribution reaches from Homestead to the Vero Beach and Naples areas 6 days a week. We also specialize in overnight shipping of fresh and frozen seafood, on a wholesale level, across the country and down to the Caribbean islands.